Consider the list of dimensions and click “No”, if it’s an area which you believe you can still grow in. Click “Yes”, if you have already mastered the dimension and don’t need to develop your knowledge and skill in this dimension.

NO means I must still develop in this area

YES means I have already mastered this area

Analyse and interpret
Completeness, accuracy, thoroughness and the speed with which it is implemented
Discernment (I have the ability to successfully channel information and requests and I have the ability to discern )
I have the ability to analyse information by applying judgement in a rational manner.


Problem solving
I have the ability to identify the underlying causes of problems and to investigate them by asking the right questions and by gleaning and integrating information.
I think outside the box and use initiative by applying specialised and detailed technical expertise.
I have the ability to put suggestions forward to improve systems and processes.
I have the ability to act in a proactive manner while meeting the requirements for quality outcomes.
I have the ability to design appropriate organisational responses and to implement them to resolve possible problems and to prevent them in future.


I can take a decision or I hesitate to take a decision (hesitant/doesn’t want to take risk/doesn’t take responsibility).
Can you make quick decisions under pressure when it is required of you to do so?
Do you investigate matters and make a calculated decision?
Do you accept the responsibility for your decisions?


I have the ability to motivate others.
I have the ability and willingness to enable others.
I can delegate.
I can analyse situations and apply my knowledge to plan strategically and to achieve goals.
Implement: I can motivate others to keep improving the quality of work outputs.
I can set standards for performance measurement.


I have respect and appreciation for the opinions and suggestions of others.
I maintain a balance between task and person.
I’m aware of my own behaviour and the impact of decisions and actions on others.
I’m able to show sensitivity and empathy towards others and I have empathy with their situations.


Building human relationships
I can establish good relationships with others at all levels with ease in order to establish networks and contacts.
I build networks within and outside the organisation, and I have the strategy and ability to successfully access previously inaccessible contacts.


I create and maintain a positive image of self in dealing with others and in dealing with challenges.
I understand the impact of my own behaviour on the perceptions, attitudes and behaviour of others.


Conflict management and assertiveness
I’m assertive. I can control my own emotions in conflict situations. I can influence the emotions of others in a conflict situation to resolve the issue.


Presentation skills and communication
I project an image of credibility.
I have the ability to control an audience by responding to questions and feedback promptly and in a constructive manner, and I have the ability to explain concepts in a logical and simple way.
I create meaning through appropriate written and / or verbal communication.
I use my knowledge of human nature and different communication methods that are available to create a culture of open dialogue.
I include technical report writing and skills to present information verbally.
My language skills, as well as my ability to structure and construct information, are sufficient.
I make use of non-verbal communication.


Ability to influence others
I obtain buy-in by presenting logical facts.
I keep the audience’s/the person’s attention.
I successfully convey viewpoints by obtaining the input of others and I have the ability to mobilise others to take action.


Process driven
I ensure that the output delivered is of a high quality.
I pursue processes in a thorough and systematic manner.


Organising, prioritising and implementation
Keeping the organisation’s goals in mind, I initiate, plan and implement by co-ordinating and networking.
I have the ability to deliver output within a given timeframe.


Support and teamwork
I’m actively involved in and understand the perspectives of others.
I create an environment of active interaction and teamwork.
I have the ability to help others and to motivate them to co-operate.


Values and integrity
I embrace organisational values and practise ethical behaviour in all circumstances.
I monitor the behaviour of others and take action where needed.
I base decisions upon the organisation’s values and principles.


I can manage a variety of problems and tasks at the same time.
I have the ability to adapt according to the situation and its complexity.
I have the ability to deal with change.


Ability to handle stress and to work under pressure
I formulate the appropriate strategy to control my own behaviour and to manage stress.
I create a positive image and I maintain sound interpersonal relations in stressful situations.
I assume responsibility where necessary and acknowledge when I can’t cope with a situation.


Commitment, achievement motivation and energy.
I have the ability to complete assigned tasks according to specifications. Despite problems, I meet deadlines under pressure through dedication and perseverance.
I tackle new tasks with perseverance and generate enthusiasm among team members to achieve goals.
I am motivated to accept and approach challenging responsibilities. I promote growth by identifying personal development needs and address it through training opportunities.
I’m ambitious and self-motivated in any situation and I have the ability to motivate others.