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Are you protecting your high performers from burnout?
By Anja van den Berg High performers hold great value for any company, being 400% more productive than average performers, according to the Journal of Personnel Psychology.  Companies will lose much of this value if they don’t take deliberate action to protect their high performers from burnout. A five-year study  ... Read more
Female Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
By Anja van den Berg If the topic of sexual harassment hasn’t come up in your office – either in formal or informal conversations – now is the time to shine the light on this very real problem. While harassment can be experienced by anyone, data shows that 25% of  ... Read more
The “intelligent experience economy” will force organisations to reimagine the customer experience
By Anja van den Berg Our everyday environments are gradually becoming intelligent, facilitated both by technological development and user activities.  People are not merely using the intelligent environments, but they live in them, and they experience the environments via embedded services and new interaction tools as well as the physical  ... Read more
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