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Be the colleague everyone wants to work with
By Melodie Veldhuizen Working people on average spend more hours per year with their colleagues than with their spouses, parents, children, best friend or siblings. It therefore is important that you get along well. Following are ways in which all employees in an organisation can help to make the work environment  ... Read more
Job creation: One-on-one facilitation of primary-school children with autism (schoolwork)
By Tania du Toit Autism as a diagnosed, congenital condition has been with us for about 75 years and still it remains a complex matter to satisfactorily guide a young child with autism. This article will not focus on teachers, therapists or qualified service providers, but on those who raise  ... Read more
Job creation The irreversible change of course when a (new) family member becomes handicapped, does open up income possibilities
By Tania du Toit One cannot imagine what it is like to live with a person who sustains or has some form of handicap before it happens to you. When a family member is left handicapped for whatever reason, it invariably dictates an irreversible change of course for the newly  ... Read more
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