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    3 ways to make an open-plan office work for you
    Anja van den Berg The open office concept has been around for a while, but has come under fire lately. Apparently having no walls, no doors, and shared workspaces undermine what the concept was designed to achieve: communication and flow of ideas amongst employees. According to some scientific research, the  ... Read more
    Overtime: What does the law say?
    Cyril Blackburn More than 10 million people are formally employed in South Africa. However, laws and labour legislation are not everybody’s forte ─ this is why employees often don’t know their rights, especially with regard to the Basic Conditions of Service Act (Act 75 of 1997). It is important for  ... Read more
    Dismissal due to injury or poor health
    Deon de Jager Members often ask me whether they can be dismissed because of an injury or poor health that prevents them from meeting their employer’s standard of work. In the Labour Appeal Court judgement of Imatu obo Strydom v Witzenberg Municipality [2012] 7BLLR 660 (LAC) pointed out that particular  ... Read more
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