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    The best companies to work for in SA in 2018
    The Top Employers Institute has released its updated list of certified top employers in South Africa, adding 15 new companies to the list of employers who provide the best environment for their employees. Old Mutual, which was ranked as the 7th top employer in 2016/17, ascended to the top spot  ... Read more
    The virtues and vices of earphones at work
    To earphone or not to earphone? That is the question for bosses and workers in the 21st century workplace. In a myriad of ways, we have grown more connected over the last 15 years than during any period in history. Technology and social media have made sure of that. Yet,  ... Read more
    Annual bonuses: What does the law say?
    Mynie Kriek The case of Pack & Stack v Braam Van Wyk dealt with the review of an arbitration order. On arbitration the employee succeeded in his referral of an unfair labour practice by reason of the non-payment of his annual bonus. The employer referred the arbitration award to the  ... Read more
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