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10 Simple Ways To Regain Focus At Work
By Anja van den Berg Feeling distracted and unproductive at work is something most people struggle with, says Susan David, founder of the Harvard/McLean Institute of Coaching and author of Emotional Agility. We are constantly bombarded with news alerts, text messages, and other interruptions. Even on days when you might  ... Read more
Employee’s rights when the business is sold
Section 197 of the Labour Relations Act no. 66 of 1995 provides for the transfer of a service contract from the old employer to the new employer, should the business be sold as a running concern. The minute that a business is sold as a running concern, the new employer  ... Read more
Prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing our way of life, interaction, development, production and management as never before. This wave is swelling and breaking fast and influences every industry in the world. This Revolution is building on the Third Industrial Revolution and entails the merging of different technologies that break  ... Read more
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