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Cell Phone Etiquette
By Wilma Bedford For the cogs in the social and business wheels to turn smoothly, we need to mind our manners – as antiquated as this may sound. Though the etiquette rules of the past still apply to table manners, social graces and dress code, modern technology requires us to  ... Read more
The importance of discipline in the workplace
By Nico Strydom Discipline is often described as the foundation on which any workplace functions and the enforcement of discipline will lead to a more productive and less stressful atmosphere. The purpose of discipline in the workplace is among others to ensure that all employees are treated equally and to  ... Read more
Fed up? Should I resign?
By Nico Strydom With the end of 2018 stealing up on us, you may perhaps feel that 2019 would be the right time for a new beginning, especially if you’re fed up with your job. Peter Kriel, General Manager of The Independent Institute of Education, feels that the prospect of  ... Read more
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