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Tuesday | 23 April | 2019 What do I do about a colleague with whom you don’t click?

By Wilma Bedford You may have a colleague in the workplace with whom you don’t click and don’t like. Perhaps you feel that you will never click and that a conflict is brewing. You suspect that this person feels the same about you. This is a dilemma. Such a situation  … Read more

Monday | 08 April | 2019 A meaningful job

By Wilma Bedford Seeing that the major part of our lives revolve around our jobs and the workplace, it is vital that employees should find satisfaction in their jobs. The traditional remuneration practices and the occupational ladder are disappearing, and this leaves a vacuum in which the employee is wondering  … Read more

Wednesday | 03 April | 2019 Fewer than half of organisations have updated crisis plans for potential digital issues

By Anja van den Berg The dizzying speed of communication today – coupled with the public scepticism it seems to produce – is placing intense pressure on businesses, governments and other institutions to reevaluate their traditional crisis management strategies. Long gone are the days when print media essentially dictated only  … Read more

Wednesday | 03 April | 2019 You’ve made a (big) mistake at work. Now what?

By Anja van den Berg While most people accept that slip-ups are unavoidable, no one likes to be responsible for them. The good news is that mistakes, even big ones, don’t have to leave a permanent mark on your career. In fact, most contribute to organisational and personal learning; they  … Read more

Tuesday | 02 April | 2019 The future of work – 4 important trends to take note of

By Essie Bester Artificial intelligence and automation have everyone talking. Optimists predict new work directions. Doom prophets on the other hand believe that robots will take over our jobs. One thing is certain – the world of work is experiencing unprecedented change. In a world-wide LinkedIn survey of 5,000 professional  … Read more

Tuesday | 02 April | 2019 3 Key Challenges Office Administrators Face At Work

By Anja van den Berg Administrative assistants are often the unsung heroes of the workplace. They are the ones who keep the office running smoothly or the boss happy and well prepared to do her or his job. They can multitask, possess numerous skills, and must face a variety of  … Read more

Tuesday | 26 March | 2019 What are good work ethics?

By Nico Strydom Work ethics are the moral principles which people apply in their work and according to which they direct their conduct at work. The principles will guide them to deliver work of high quality on a continuous basis and the results thereof motivate them to stay on the  … Read more

Tuesday | 19 March | 2019 What is the best office temperature?

By Dr Eugene Brink There are few workplace issues as contentious as office temperatures and the role air-conditioners play in establishing and regulating this temperature. For some it’s too cold, while for others what may seem like a happy mean is too warm. It is a delicate balancing act that  … Read more

Monday | 18 March | 2019 The benefits (and necessity) of older workers

By Dr Eugene Brink There is an enormous ballyhoo over unemployment in South Africa – especially among the youth. This is not for no reason. Alarmingly high numbers of people between the ages of 15 and 34 are without work. Demographically, South Africa is also a country with a young  … Read more

Monday | 18 March | 2019 Open-plan offices: Why they suck

By Dr Eugene Brink Companies have been implementing open-plan offices since the 1960s and it is estimated that some 70% of workplaces today are of the open-plan variety. The urge towards open-plan offices is driven by a proclivity to cut costs and fit more employees into less space. Although there  … Read more

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