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Tuesday | 28 May | 2019 Things to consider when going into business with family and friends

By Dr Eugene Brink Going into business with family and friends could seem like the most natural thing to do. First off, you know and trust them already and these are some of the core elements of any successful business. Your bonds mean that there is more at stake than  … Read more

Tuesday | 07 May | 2019 How to address work-related problems

By Essie Bester The company you work for has decided to not appoint any new employees and your workload triples. Or you arrive at work and find out your boss has been asked to go. Perhaps your colleague has for the umpteenth time received credit for your hard work. Sound  … Read more

Tuesday | 07 May | 2019 Is your hairstyle sabotaging your success at work?

By Essie Bester “In an ideal work environment employees are assessed by their work performance only. In reality appearance is almost always taken into consideration unintentionally when a person’s suitability for a job is evaluated,” says Marie Lou Andre, a corporative-image consultant. And in the professional world, where first impressions  … Read more

Monday | 06 May | 2019 Coffee boosts teamwork among colleagues

By Essie Bester The most unusual team builder ever was recently discovered by researchers. It is that dark, bitter brew that makes meetings a whole lot sweeter ─ coffee. A new study by the University of California has revealed how coffee affects group dynamics: Coffee encourages positive feelings among team  … Read more

Tuesday | 30 April | 2019 When returning to work new parents should focus on these three things

 By Anja van den Berg Welcoming a new life into the world is a simple human reality. However, in today’s world of work the practicalities of becoming new parents are much more complex. The transition from female employee to mother and then to working mother is a significant shift in  … Read more

Tuesday | 30 April | 2019 Remaining positive in a negative environment

By Wilma Bedford Positive people have certain character traits. They are ready for new experiences and not afraid of change. They take responsibility, reach out to help others, and are eager to see others succeed. Negative people blame others for their failure, think of personal gain, hope to see others  … Read more

Tuesday | 30 April | 2019 How your employees can thrive in today’s disruptive world

By Anja van den Berg This decade marks the most radical disruption of the workplace in our lifetimes.  The confluence of big data, information transparency and innovative business models compels organisations of every size to change at head-spinning speed. In the next few years, as artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud  … Read more

Thursday | 25 April | 2019 What Are The Biggest Priorities For Consumers For 2019?

Be it your marketing strategy, business planning or product development approach, wrap it around (at least one of) the biggest priorities for consumers for the coming year: Consumers will demand more control over their data Business leaders in the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2019 listed a ‘massive incident  … Read more

Wednesday | 24 April | 2019 3 Reasons Talented Employees Underperform

By Anja van den Berg No matter how talented someone might be, there is no guarantee that his or her talents will translate into top performance. According to Gallup research, an astounding 70% of employees are not committed to delivering their best performance. The truth is that most people are  … Read more

Wednesday | 24 April | 2019 What is the latest on the national minimum wage in South Africa?

By Anja van den Berg President Cyril Ramaphosa has signed into law the National Minimum Wage Bill, which sets a historic precedent in the protection of low-earning workers. The National Minimum Wage Act sets South Africa’s first national minimum wage (NMW) at R20 an hour, equivalent to R3 500 per  … Read more

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