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Thursday | 24 January | 2019 As baby boomers retire, don’t let institutional knowledge leave with them

By Anja van den Berg Baby boomer employees who leave the workplace without sharing tacit knowledge create an irreparable knowledge gap within the organisation. According to Dr Rhonda Corwin, as baby boomers exit the workforce they take with them critical aspects of human capital that inexperienced generations do not have.  … Read more

Friday | 18 January | 2019 How to deal with people who talk too much

By Wilma Bedford You may have been subjected to the compulsive talker in your workplace from whom you flee at the mere sound of his or her footsteps, or you may have had the misfortune of having had a guest at your dinner table who monopolizes the conversation and is  … Read more

Friday | 18 January | 2019 A Stanford University study debunks misconceptions about working remotely

By Anja van den Berg Organisations that do not allow employees to work from home are missing out on a strategic business advantage, a recent two-year Stanford University study has found. “The 9-to-5, Monday-to-Friday schedule has its origins in the Industrial Revolution,” says Professor Nicholas Bloom, who leads the renowned  … Read more

Wednesday | 16 January | 2019 If humility is so important, why are leaders so arrogant?

By Anja van den Berg Humility is a core quality of leaders who inspire close teamwork, rapid learning and high performance in their teams, according to several studies in the past three years. Humble people tend to be aware of their own weaknesses, eager to improve themselves, appreciative of others’  … Read more

Wednesday | 16 January | 2019 Managing up: How to thrive under any type of boss

By Dr Eugene Brink Countless books and articles have analysed managing and leading subordinates and teams. However, very little has been said about “managing up” – a term referring to the relationship with your boss or direct manager. It is perplexing that something as pivotal as this is so neglected  … Read more

Monday | 14 January | 2019 To give a presentation with punch, distil your message to just 15 words. Here’s how

By Anja van den Berg Fearless public speaking is about more than combating nerves. It’s about knowing the technique, the art and the business of public speaking. Confident speaking is the sum of many parts; it’s not just about wrangling the butterflies in your stomach, says Tricia Brouk, an award-winning  … Read more

Friday | 11 January | 2019 Employers, get ready! Millennials will be challenging the status quo at work

By Anja van den Berg Millennials are coming of age and streaming into the workplace, transforming company cultures around the world. Research from PwC notes that millennials already form 25% of the workforce in the United States and account for over half of the population in India. In South Africa,  … Read more

Wednesday | 09 January | 2019 How to survive your first week back in office

By Anja van den Berg With January 2019 approaching, the feeling of waking up without an alarm clock and the taste of that glorious Christmas pudding will soon feel like distant memories. Making the transition from the festive season to the daily grind may not be an event you look  … Read more

Monday | 07 January | 2019 How to get going with work when you don’t feel like it

By Dr. Eugene Brink Work will never be completely easy and fun, but some days you are just way more psyched to get going with the mountain of labour you must conquer. One of the dilemmas of the human condition is that motivation levels ebb and flow constantly, but not  … Read more

Friday | 04 January | 2019 How quitting smoking yields benefits in workplaces

Dr. Eugene Brink Few would argue that kicking the smoking habit is not beneficial to your health. From coughing less to lowering your chance of heart disease and contracting numerous types of cancer and ultimately prolonging your life, quitting smoking lessens the hazards to your health on too many levels  … Read more

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