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Wednesday | 13 September | 2017 The benefits of a trade union

By Michelle Marnewick A trade union is an organisation whose purpose it is to ensure fair labour practices and to watch over the rights and needs of employees in a company. They also look after employers’ and employees’ interests in disputes and negotiations. Many people, especially employers, have negative perceptions  … Read more

Monday | 05 December | 2016 Comparing apples to oranges: Consistency and workplace sanctions

Reabetswe Mampane and Michael Yeates     The consistency principle requires that employers impose consistent sanctions on employees who are found guilty of the same misconduct. Item 3(6) of Schedule 8 of the Code of Good Practice: Dismissal (Code) provides that: “The employer should apply the penalty of dismissal consistently  … Read more

Monday | 28 November | 2016 Rules or principles?

Bill Wilder     What is a principle? I will share the words of a well-known authority on human behaviour and motivator of people to change their behaviour – Roy H Williams. Roy created the Wizard Academy, a school for the imaginative, the courageous and the ambitious. Roy tells us,  … Read more

Wednesday | 02 November | 2016 17 habits of the most respected employees

Bill Murphy   We’ve explored the things the most respected bosses do, and the inevitable habits that unhappy employees fall into. It’s only fair, therefore, that we talk about the habits of the world’s most respected employees. Start by thinking about the colleagues you’ve most enjoyed working with ─ the  … Read more

Monday | 31 October | 2016 Dismissing an employee without evidence of a breakdown of trust

Gavin Stansfield and Zola Mcaciso   The nature and seriousness of misconduct can be enough to infer the breakdown of the trust relationship without evidence being led to prove the breakdown. In this matter, the employee was dismissed by Easi Access Rental after being found guilty on five charges of  … Read more

Wednesday | 26 October | 2016 Court: CCMA has the power to issue writs

On 10 May 2016 the Labour Appeal Court (the “LAC”) heard two consolidated matters from the Labour Court (the “LC”). The facts and relief sought in both matters were similar. In the MBS application the employer brought an urgent application to the LC seeking an order in terms of which  … Read more

Wednesday | 26 October | 2016 Managers, make sure your people have a life outside work!

Arjun Dev Arora and Raman Frey     A young man with cancer at our Silicon Valley firm requested additional sick time for post-cancer treatments and checkups. Another employee, one who was born in Vietnam and came to this country with his parents, requestedthat he be allowed to work remotely one  … Read more

Tuesday | 25 October | 2016 How to take control of your inbox

Annatjie Bouwer   If you feel that your Inbox is getting out of control and that it takes up hopelessly too much of your time, you need to read this. Most of us get too much email and spend too much time replying. Even if this is not the case,  … Read more

Monday | 17 October | 2016 8 ways to enhance your work performance with focus

Martin Zwilling     Every entrepreneur and most professionals wish there were more hours in a day to get their work done. These days, with all the new technology, including smartphones and social media, many are convinced that multi-tasking is the answer. Yet there is more and more evidence that  … Read more

Friday | 14 October | 2016 Choose the right colours for the office

Solette Swanepoel       The fact that colour influences mood and productivity is not a new idea. Even so, more than 68% of offices are painted white. If you want your employees to be as innovative, creative and productive as possible, it may be wise to consider colour theory  … Read more

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