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Thursday | 14 July | 2016 How to deal with manipulators

Tinus Vollgraaff   Being manipulated is not easy and it’s not fun. In fact, it is horrible and demeaning. Yet there are millions of people in the world being manipulated and manipulating others. Why? Because some people are inclined to manipulate and some allow others to manipulate them. Popular belief  … Read more

Monday | 23 May | 2016 The Nr. 1 reason employees are not taking leave

Anja van den Berg     When you’re really lost in a task or project, the ideas are flowing and you feel great. But it doesn’t last forever – stretch yourself just a bit beyond that productivity limit and you may feel unfocused, blocked and irritable. A growing body of evidence  … Read more

Monday | 16 May | 2016 Take it slower at work to be more productive

Annatjie Bouwer     If your day is a race against the clock and you feel your health, life and work are suffering, literature suggests it might be time to consider working slower. According to, taking your foot off the gas once in a while can help you reach  … Read more

Thursday | 12 May | 2016 The 6 things you should never sacrifice for your job

Travis Bradberry     The typical workday is long enough as it is, and technology is making it even longer. When you do finally get home after a full day at the office, your mobile phone rings off the hook, and emails drop into your inbox from people who expect  … Read more

Tuesday | 26 April | 2016 Protect your biggest asset

Karen van der Berg     Your luxury beach house or your brand-new car or even your diamond engagement ring. When people think about their different types of asset, most of them think of something tangible, something expensive in monetary terms. Surely one’s most valuable asset must be something one  … Read more

Tuesday | 29 March | 2016 Engaged employees less likely to have health problems

Jim Harter and Amy Adkins   Employees who are actively disengaged at work are more likely than their engaged peers to say they experience health issues ranging from physical pain to depression. Actively disengaged employees also report more “unhealthy” days, or days in which health issues limited their activity. On  … Read more

Tuesday | 12 January | 2016 Success: It’s never too late

To achieve success in spite of your age, you must remember that it is never too late for accomplishment.   Attitude is timeless Our attitude has the power to determine whether we will move on or beat a hasty retreat, will press on or throw in the towel, will be  … Read more

Tuesday | 28 July | 2015 How to merge exercise into your day at the office

Anja van den Berg   A sedentary lifestyle is the unfortunate by-product of today’s corporate and technology-driven world. Sitting has become the most common activity of the day. We commute by car to our office jobs, we are deskbound in front of our computers for hours on end, we are  … Read more

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