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Thursday | 17 March | 2016 Job hopping: Consider the pros and cons before you resign

Eugene Brink   What is best: To switch jobs often or to stay with one job for longer? It depends on the context and you need to consider several factors. Although job hopping has rightfully earned itself a bad connotation, there are nonetheless reasons why shorter periods at different employers  … Read more

Monday | 07 March | 2016 3 mistakes when describing your current job in an interview

When I was in primary school, I asked my dad what he did for work. To make it simple for me, he said, “I’m a civil engineer, which means I design roads.” And even though there’s much more to what he does on a daily basis, that basic description made  … Read more

Wednesday | 05 August | 2015 What should my CV look like?

Michelle Marnewick   As in most cases, first impressions always play an important role. The lay-out and appearance of your CV are therefore extremely important and create a positive feeling or not regarding your application.   Your CV should be attractive and creative, but also remain professional and structured. It  … Read more

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