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    Tuesday | 28 May | 2019 Things to consider when going into business with family and friends

    By Dr Eugene Brink Going into business with family and friends could seem like the most natural thing to do. First off, you know and trust them already and these are some of the core elements of any successful business. Your bonds mean that there is more at stake than  … Read more

    Tuesday | 28 May | 2019 What happens to your body when you stop smoking?

    By Emsie Martin To stop smoking is one of the most difficult challenges to overcome. You may have stopped smoking for six years and one pull on a cigarette, just for fun, could cause you to start smoking again. Hopefully you have already experienced the benefits of not smoking first-hand  … Read more

    Tuesday | 28 May | 2019 How to say ‘no’ to more work

    Anja van den Berg   Nobody wants to be a yes-man (or woman) at work, but that doesn’t make it any easier to say ‘no’ to your boss. Whether you’re being asked to increase your workload, take on a task that you believe is a bad idea or work over  … Read more

    Tuesday | 28 May | 2019 Hoe help emosionele intelligensie jou?

    Luzette Kotze     Ek verduidelik baie hoflik aan die kassier van ʼn kettingwinkel dat ek die stewels wat ek vyf dae vantevore gekoop het, wil teruggee. Sy maak die boks oop en inspekteer die stewels voordat sy sê: “Dis reg, ek sal vir jou ʼn geskenkbewys gee.” Die ding  … Read more

    Tuesday | 28 May | 2019 How to prepare for a job interview

    Adelle Roux   You have been invited to a job interview and it can be quite nerve-wracking. However, according to Career Planet ( there are a number of things you can do to prepare for a job interview. One of these is to do research about the company with whom  … Read more

    Monday | 13 May | 2019 LinkedIn – if you’re serious about networking and career management

    Anja van den Berg     Next to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn might not be the most impressive social media network; however, the professional value of this platform is virtually matchless.   What are the main features of the three major social media platforms? Facebook is focused on corporate or  … Read more

    Tuesday | 07 May | 2019 How to address work-related problems

    By Essie Bester The company you work for has decided to not appoint any new employees and your workload triples. Or you arrive at work and find out your boss has been asked to go. Perhaps your colleague has for the umpteenth time received credit for your hard work. Sound  … Read more

    Tuesday | 07 May | 2019 Is your hairstyle sabotaging your success at work?

    By Essie Bester “In an ideal work environment employees are assessed by their work performance only. In reality appearance is almost always taken into consideration unintentionally when a person’s suitability for a job is evaluated,” says Marie Lou Andre, a corporative-image consultant. And in the professional world, where first impressions  … Read more

    Monday | 06 May | 2019 Coffee boosts teamwork among colleagues

    By Essie Bester The most unusual team builder ever was recently discovered by researchers. It is that dark, bitter brew that makes meetings a whole lot sweeter ─ coffee. A new study by the University of California has revealed how coffee affects group dynamics: Coffee encourages positive feelings among team  … Read more

    Tuesday | 30 April | 2019 When returning to work new parents should focus on these three things

     By Anja van den Berg Welcoming a new life into the world is a simple human reality. However, in today’s world of work the practicalities of becoming new parents are much more complex. The transition from female employee to mother and then to working mother is a significant shift in  … Read more

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