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    Working From Home
    Monday | 20 June | 2022 Challenges of working from home and how to handle them

    By Nico Strydom The Covid-19 pandemic and resultant lockdown resulted in millions of people having to work from hoe unexpectedly. As the lockdown was downscaled later, a hybrid way of working – a blend of  home and office work – became an option to many employers. Although working from home  … Read more

    Monday | 20 June | 2022 Feedback in the workplace

    By Wilma Bedford Feedback in the workplace can be a contentious matter, but is an essential function when it comes to a team’s performance and efficient execution of work. Ineffective feedback occurs when it is purposefully empathetic to protect another person’s feelings; the truth is not revealed completely and that  … Read more

    Monday | 20 June | 2022 Prevent negative thoughts and a negative disposition from influencing your work performance

    By Melodie Veldhuizen Do you often find yourself harbouring negative thoughts about your work and that your work  suffers the consequences? Although it’s easy to point a finger at certain people or situations as the cause of your workplace woes, ask yourself if your own thinking patterns and emotions aren’t  … Read more

    Monday | 13 June | 2022 Set up a home office free from distractions

    By Essie Bester However ideal it may sound to work from home, it needs a level of self-control, discipline and  boundary-setting that at times can feel almost impossible what with household chores like washing and doing the dishes waiting for you. Fortunately, with the right approach you can keep these  … Read more

    Monday | 13 June | 2022 Competitive intelligence

    By Wilma Bedford How do you start your small business in a competitive market? Just as it is wise to keep, your eyes on the lane next to you when driving a car on the freeway, you must also be aware of other businesses’ strategies. How can your product and  … Read more

    Monday | 13 June | 2022 Job seekers prefer sustainable companies

    By Wilma Bedford Many young workers – middleclass members of Generation Z (people in their teens to mid-20s) – are searching out professional paths that combine flexibility and a deep sense of purpose. Demand is surging for these kinds of climate-related jobs – making it crucial for employers, career advisors  … Read more

    Monday | 13 June | 2022 Coasting at work – the good and the bad

    By Wilma Bedford Since Covid-19, employees have quit en masse and sought pandemic-era perks at different companies. Some have switched into careers that align more with their values or offer better pay. But there’s also a section of the workforce content to just get by without doing much work. Often  … Read more

    Monday | 13 June | 2022 This is how to protect yourself against email fraud

    By Nico Strydom Remote working has created new opportunities for cyber criminals to target unsuspecting users and steal their sensitive information. “Remote working has increased organisations’ dependence on email, which created perfect conditions for email fraud,” says Riaan de Villiers, business analyst at LAWtrust Information Security. Cyber attackers who pass  … Read more

    Wednesday | 08 June | 2022 Hybrid workplaces want more focus on ergonomics

    By Essie Bester The arrival of Covid made it possible for most of us to work from home. However, the mental and physical toll exacted from us is much bigger than we realise. According to data, stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and now a list of physical ailments due to  … Read more

    Thursday | 26 May | 2022 Email Etiquette Masterclass: 8 Easy Steps to Writing Professional Emails

    By Anja van den Berg Today’s world of work sees many of our exchanges happening in digital form. Emails have all but replaced written, printed and posted correspondence. Understanding email etiquette will affect how others perceive your competence. There might be no standardised course to learn the unspoken rules of  … Read more

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